How to Stop Dogs from Eating Poop?

Do you have a dog that loves to eat poop? Does your pup spend all day sniffing or chasing other dogs? If so, then your dog probably craves the smell and taste of poop. After all, dogs are scent-oriented animals who use their noses more than any other part of their bodies. Fortunately, with a little training and knowledge, most dogs can be taught not to eat other people’s waste. Let’s take a look at why dogs eat feces and how you can stop it from happening.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Dogs are naturally desirous of the smell and taste of poop. It’s an instinctual act that provides them with nutrients. The feces contains nutrients that are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, it offers a source of protection from parasites and bacteria. Some experts believe dogs crave the odor because it signals to them when other animals have left their droppings behind. In other words, dogs eat poop to avoid predators who might be following their tracks.

What to Do When Your Dog Eats Poop

There are a few things to do when your dog eats poop. First, it’s important to recognize that dogs don’t like the smell and taste of feces, so you should avoid letting them eat it in the first place. If your dog does eat somebody else’s excrement, then try spraying them with water or using a bitter-tasting spray or pill. In addition, you can also distract your dog from eating the poop by playing with them or offering an equally smelly treat. Dogs that aren't housebroken are likely not going to stop eating poop if they're left unsupervised, so you'll need to find a way to make sure your dog is outside all day long. Some people choose kennels for their dogs who aren't housebroken. But for those who want to keep their dog indoors, there are litter boxes available that help limit the amount of time your dog spends eating poop.

Teach your dog not to eat feces

Dogs have a difficult time telling the difference between their own waste and that of other animals. This is why they're so drawn to poop. Dogs don't know when their body waste is theirs or someone else's, which makes it hard for them to stop eating it. One potential solution for this dilemma is teaching your dog not to eat feces. First, make sure you pick up any and all poop around your house. Next, give your dog a tasty treat like meat or cheese right before you leave the house. This will teach your pup that he can earn a reward after he behaves well while you're gone. When you get back home, clap your hands and praise your dog with happy sounds like “good boy.” As soon as he sees you coming in the door, give him the treat right away. This will reinforce what comes naturally to him: going potty outside instead of defecating inside the house

Don’t scold or punish your dog when they poop

If your dog is learning bad habits, such as eating feces, then scolding and punishing them will not work. Instead, you should reward your dog for good behavior. If your dog is caught in the act of pooping on the carpet or licking their anus, let them know that this is a no-no. For example, you could clap your hands to get their attention and say “NO! NO! NO!” while waving arms. This will help them understand what they are doing wrong and give them a positive alternative by rewarding them with attention and treats when they are not doing it right.


Dogs are naturally curious animals, and it's not uncommon for them to eat outside their own waste. But you don’t have to deal with an unfortunate side effect of their interest in unexpected fecal matter. Here’s how to teach your dog not to eat their own poop.

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